What is Vital Health?

Natural Healing Support for Body, Mind and Soul

What are your true beliefs about your health? Do they help you or hinder you? How does the health of your body affect your ‘inner health’? What can you do to achieve and maintain vital health?

Jeff Allen will be effective in helping us examine any blocks and beliefs that affect our overall wellbeing. Jeff is an internationally acclaimed teacher who wants to share his huge wisdom with a lot of laughter so be prepared for fun!

We are proud to present this unique retreat that fully engages both the heart and the body.

Jeff Allen will help you find the answers that are right for you.
Jeff has years of practical hands on experience in the Mind/Body/Spirit field. This programme has been designed to inspire you towards permanent changes in health, heart and spirit.

“Every problem, health or otherwise is a relationship problem. In any successful relationship it is about becoming one with another and opening the door to love which ends the separation and repairs the bonding.”

“We need to be able to do the same thing with our bodies. Every disease has a psychodynamic aspect that certainly helps the healing process if transformed. This course is designed to help us align our mind, body and spirit and overcome the challenges of our lives.”

“It will combine a physical and mental purification that is necessary to handle the issues of our age, removing the blocks to our health and happiness in every aspect of our lives. The course is designed to be intensive but not demanding. In the company of friends we will explore the functioning of our minds and bodies and open the door to a whole new level of wellbeing.”

– Jeff Allen
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– Hippocrates

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