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Data Collected via Cookies and Third Party Identifiers

We collect data about our site usage as described below. We do not collect or store any data about visitors to our site other than for the specific purposes of improving visitors’ experience of the site and making it more effective in delivering information about the world of microbes and the products we offer.

We do not share any visitor data (nor any customer data however that customer interacts with us) with any third party other than as described below. We do not share or sell any such data with or to any third party in pursuance of their marketing of their own products or services.

We use Google Analytics and other analytics packages to analyse the use of our site. We do not share any data we collect with any third parties for the purposes of marketing their own products. Any data collected is used to identify how website visitors come to the site (whether by referral, cost per click advertising or, for example, clicking on links contained in emails we send to customers who have signed up to receive emails from us) and their behaviour on the site through (where applicable) to completing a purchase. All data captured in this way is anonymous.

We use Google Analytics and other analytic packages to analyse the use of our site. We (via Google) collect:

  • demographic data
  • visits, clicks and conversion statistics
  • remarketing features

We also use 3rd party cookies to identify (anonymously) the number of visitors and conversions (sales) generated by affiliate partner sites for the purposes of attributing referral fees to those affiliates sites.

If you wish to opt out of Google Analytics’ tracking please follow this link

You can manage the data that Google uses to determine ads presented to you by Google searches here

Deletion of Data

Should you decide, for any reason, at any time, that you wish us to delete any data we hold about your from our records, please email us at [email protected] telling us this is the case and we will carry out your request within two working days.

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