Microbes Matter

Over the last 10 years our sister company, Microbz, has developed the acclaimed Bio-Live range of probiotics that are especially formulated to boost gut health.

At a Vital Health event you will explore the importance of your microbiome, and learn how your gut health is fundamental to your overall wellbeing.

Each of us has a microbiome, our own community of trillions of single cell, living organisms. This is an integral part of us that regulates countless functions within our bodies; as we look after it, it looks after us.

Microbes are the oldest form of life on earth. Most microbes are helpful and life enhancing; very few cause disease. In trying to kill the bad ones, we can strengthen them so they become REALLY bad ones – that can make our environment and us sick.

One of the lessons of our time is to learn to work with microbes, to work with nature. For decades we have waged war against microbes with antibiotics, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and burning fossil fuels. We live in an increasingly oxidized polluted world in which our soils and foods contain fewer nutrients to help us stay healthy.

The rise in allergies and chronic illnesses, plus drug resistant bacteria, are all indicators of how we have not aligned ourselves to this most basic and essential expression of life.

Healthy microbiomes contain a huge variety of microbes doing thousands of different jobs, like breaking down food in the gut, delivering calcium and vital nutrients to where they are needed, and boosting our health and wellbeing. And Bio-Live delivers beneficial microbes directly to the gut; it truly is living health in a bottle.

All disease begins in the gut.

– Hippocrates

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