Jeff Allen is an acclaimed trainer who works around the world giving lectures, workshops and coaching. His expertise in the field of human potential has helped thousands of people to resolve emotional, physical and spiritual issues. The basis of his work has been exploring the dynamics of relationships and he has written How Love Works (London 2012) with his wife Sue. On this course Jeff will be teaching about the relationship between mind, body and spirit. Many of us work out mind issues through our bodies, and this level confusion is the source of many of our diseases and ongoing chronic health problems. Jeff’s powerful intuitive approach helps to uncover and correct the imbalances of our mind that may be showing up through our body. This combination of a psychological and spiritual approach with the physical purification offers an unparalleled added dimension for us achieving and maintaining good health.

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Thank you Jeff and Sue for sharing your wisdom through your presence. Anon

Sue Allen is an acclaimed trainer who teaches worldwide. Her quest for knowledge has been a guiding principle in her life, inspiring a lifelong involvement in education, first as a student and later as a radio journalist, audio/visual publisher, administrator of the nursery school she set up from home, and qualified secondary teacher. Over the past 10 years, Sue has developed VisionWorks for Schools. Sue is a grounded and loving presence with an abiding passion for people and their potential. It is her heart’s desire to encourage environments that enable others to thrive. Whether it’s her children, family and clients, the plants in her garden, or her own well-being in her yoga practice Sue empowers people to be the best they can be.

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Patricia Campbell-Parker qualified as a Registered Nurse in the 80’s working in the areas of paediatrics and cardio thoracics. She fulfilled a childhood dream to see the world and worked in the airline industry for 14 years. The job of cabin crew was much the same as nursing as it involved dealing with the general public. It also often included health related issues,  mostly hers, but crew members too. True Wellbeing became a great interest and the job gave her the time and funds to read explore and qualify in many disciplines. Soon VitalWell being became her business and it grew once she retired from the skies. She now trains others and has a busy practice in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Patricia will be heading up the juicing programme at the Vital Health Retreat. She also offers 2 therapies to support your healing journey.

  • Dr Bach’s Flower Remedies – a consultation where your personal mix will be created from the 38 tinctures.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – also known as ’tapping’, it allows our energies to flow freely supporting gentle emotional release.

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Information on optional juice fast

Patricia is trained by and supports the Jason Vale Juice Therapy Academy, taking clients through life transforming programmes. She will answer any of those burning/confusing questions which have popped up over the past few years…juice or blend?…sugar content?…protein?…best machines?

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Franziska Frei-Uebersax is a physiotherapist from Switzerland with 25 years of experience in her profession. In her work she combines physiotherapy with various other techniques. In each treatment the goal is to become aware where in the body the energy is blocked and with the help of the Higher Order to restore the flow. She has also been teaching meditation for 6 years based on the techniques of “Aaravindha Himadra“. Meditation supports what we seek to achieve through Jeff’s Training. It helps us recognise and release possible attachments, aversions and emotions lodged in our mind, to see and deal with them in an easy way of letting go. This opens the path to our true self and profound peace.

Languages: German, English, French and a little Spanish

Clive Ives is a shiatsu practitioner with more than thirty years experience and ten years of teaching experience at the British School of Shiatsu in London. He follows a gentle, intuitive approach and helps his clients to reach a deep state of balance, peace and relaxation in which the body’s self healing capacities can unfold freely.

Shiatsu is practised on a comfortable futon on the floor, and the client remains fully clothed. It is based on similar principles as acupuncture, working with meridian energy lines and pressure points. Shiatsu is not only a deeply relaxing holistic therapy but also particularly beneficial to address neck, shoulder and back pain.

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Olivier Mortara M.Sc. Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Nutrition, has worked for more than 25 years in the field of sport and performance. This includes functional movement recovery which uses mind and body for physiological and postural reprogramming. Starting out as a researcher within his Exercise and Physiology degree, to PE teacher in overseas French International schools, Olivier then decided to use a mind and body approach to improve his experiences and practices. Using Pilates, Yoga, Nutrition and Consciousness as his main tools he rebalances the person by using breathing and a range of motions to enhance quality either in their life style or training programme. He is constantly searching for the most appropriate solution. Once identified, unhelpful movement patterns are  reprogrammed at source to release mechanical stress and assist in avoiding body pain which is the expression of the mind.

Therapies on offer : Yoga, Pilates, Consciousness in movement & play

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Language: French and English

Amanda Spring is a colon hydrotherapist and BSC (Hons) nutritional medicine practitioner with over thirteen years experience.   In her practice she works with the body/mind connection so that she is not just finding solutions to symptoms but addressing the individual who has them.   As someone who regularly fasts herself Amanda is an enthusiastic co-ordinator of cleansing retreats throughout Europe, particularly in the tranquil Spanish Pyrenees, a place she is happy to call home.

Nutrition forms the basis on which good health is gained and lost.  It is much more than just what we eat.  It is how the body digests, utilises and eliminates the nutrients in what we eat.  Getting nutrition right often requires an experienced hand to firstly identify important dietary change and then to provide the support necessary to maintain these new healthy eating habits.

Colon hydrotherapy aids elimination and for that is a natural accompaniment to any cleansing / juice fasting programme.  It also offers great benefit in its own right, particularly where digestive issues or bowel problems are present.

Therapies on offer:  nutrition consultation, colon hydrotherapy

Language:  English, Spanish

For anyone new to colon hydrotherapy it is recommended to book a longer hour and half first session


Hotel Therapies and Treatments

There is also the option to indulge yourself and take advantage of therapies that the Eden Roc offer. Attached are a list of the therapies and prices for 2017. Please note this is something you would organise and book with the hotel in advance of your arrival. Click here.